I Want to Help!!

I want to help parents teach their children to read so their children can be more successful in school and in life.

This has been a passion of mine ever since I taught my own children to read and watched their level of success in school. But I didn't know how to teach my children to read in the beginning, even though I was a first-grade teacher. That doesn't seem to make sense, but the way you teach a classroom full of children is different from how you teach your child. At least at that time it was...

I felt like a failure not knowing how to teach my daughter to read. I casted about looking for different ways to teach her. Hooked on Phonics wasn't it. I remember hearing about a comic strip the Chicago Times included in their paper at one time. But I could never find it.

I even failed finding a different way to teach Lauren.

And then the internet came to the rescue. I religiously read the newsgroup misc.education back in the mid-90s. There was a phonograms evangelic zealot that started posting daily about how powerful the phonograms are in teaching children to read. I felt once again like a failure because I'm a first-grade teacher and and I don't know what the heck she is talking about.

I read her posts and thought about what she was showing us. Soon, I was using her recommended program in my classroom. Now my students were showing so much more success in reading. It was amazing.

And now, I had my strategy for teaching Lauren to read. I didn't use the program itself, but the concepts came from the program. It was a difference-maker.

Lauren (and my other two later) was always going to be successful because I had the advantage of being a teacher. Just knowing the value of reading will lead to success. But the phonogams led to an entire new level of success.

This is what I want to share with parents. I'm looking for parents interested in learning the same thing I learned and implemented so many years ago. Are you that parent? Do you know a parent that would be interested in finding out more?

Use the form on this site to request a call to discuss how I can help you or yours!

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