A Pandemic Offer to All

Today I want to take a step I’ve thought about for months during the pandemic. I teach reading and the resources I can provide do it very well. This is indisputable and I’ll share two reasons why in this post, both of which have driven me to make the following offer.

I have a couple of online courses, one of which I am offering free of charge for any parent that wants to take advantage of it. It is the first seven lessons of an 18-lesson reading program. A motivated parent that wants to give their child a great advantage in school is welcome to it. Once the first seven lessons are complete you will understand how my program can help you teach your child to read without feeling overwhelmed.

The first reason I finally make this offer are the results Erika Peter has shared with me after having her son use my program with her now-Kindergarten son. Owen is an awesome reader. Erika shared a couple of things. First, he is reading chapter books which are well beyond expectations for most Kindergartners. Second, Erika shared that Grandma took Owen to the library last week where he checked out seven books. The anticipation was that this would keep him busy for a while. Instead, he devoured them in 45 minutes. I could go on and on about what this means for Owen as he continues through school.

The second reason is a couple of things about my daughter, Ella. During the pandemic, and after they were forced to school from home, I insisted she choose a challenging book to read. She looked at my library and picked The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Biggest densest book in the entire library. Huge challenge but I wasn’t about to say no. She displayed so much pride upon completing it and learned so much. We had many conversations resulting from that book. Just invaluable. The other thing related to Ella that forced my hand on this post is her latest Lexile score. It has always been good, but this year she went over 1600. Her teacher told her he didn’t think it went that high!

I am not sharing this to brag about Owen and Ella. I’m sharing because I feel duty-bound to share this with parents. I believe all children can enjoy devouring books and can learn so much from reading at a high level. I count myself blessed to have discovered this world and want to share it with others.

If you are interested, message me or comment below and we’ll have a consultation call about how your child can learn to read at a high(er) level.

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