Tutoring is Awesome!

I recently started teaching Chinese children via VIPKID . It is easy and fun and pays well! I’ve enjoyed it very much, but even better, it has made me a better tutor. I’ve had an online course at Udemy (You Can Teach Your Child to Read Very Successfully!) for a long time and now I know just how bad it is! With what I’ve learned at VIPKID, I’m almost embarrassed by my content at Udemy.

—If you are interested in tutoring Chinese children, contact me!—

My philosophy for years has been to provide content to parents so they can teach their own children to read. I still believe in this, but have learned that there aren’t many parents that believe they can do it. Granted, if you have never taught before, it can be very intimidating. As a result of my VIPKID expe