Tutoring is Awesome!

I recently started teaching Chinese children via VIPKID . It is easy and fun and pays well! I’ve enjoyed it very much, but even better, it has made me a better tutor. I’ve had an online course at Udemy (You Can Teach Your Child to Read Very Successfully!) for a long time and now I know just how bad it is! With what I’ve learned at VIPKID, I’m almost embarrassed by my content at Udemy.

—If you are interested in tutoring Chinese children, contact me!—

My philosophy for years has been to provide content to parents so they can teach their own children to read. I still believe in this, but have learned that there aren’t many parents that believe they can do it. Granted, if you have never taught before, it can be very intimidating. As a result of my VIPKID experience, I’ve decided to push the parent-as-teacher philosophy back a little and move to Mark-as-tutor.

I’m not referring to the Chinese tutoring, though. I’ll continue it because it is easy and fun and pays well. It also takes place early in the morning. But I will begin focusing on teaching American children as well. Once I got my classroom set up at home and starting tutoring via VIPKID, I realized there is much potential to do the same type of thing with American children using the content I built for parents. The Chinese children are fun to teach, but so are American children!

I’m currently tutoring a Kindergartner for free as I work through the process and convert the lessons to child-centered lessons. I’m using Zoom (Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing), which makes it easy to conduct online tutoring sessions. My student loves the sessions and by lesson three read a book for the first time ever. It was great to watch the reactions of both her and her mother as the book neared completion.

I’m looking for at least one more student to help me polish my tutoring curriculum. If you would like to help me out and have your child learn to read very successfully (for free!!!), please visit my web site and contact me if it looks like something you would like to do. If you don’t have a child ready to learn to read, share this with someone who does!

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