Reasons to Read from T.R. Sebastien

Below is T.R. Sebastien's response to a question at Quora about teaching your child to read. I have very strong beliefs on why, but loved Tee's answer and wanted to share it on my blog. Tee blogs at Grow Brilliant so check it out!


Reading is so important. Reading helps you become a better writer. It is one of those skills you learn in life that helps you succeed. Reading helps you learn more and expands your creativity.

I taught my son to read when he was 3 years old and he loves it. It is a process that starts from the moment they are born but I hear many parents say that they don't have time during the day or don't know where to start when it comes to teaching their kids to read.

I say find the time. Make a schedule. 20 minutes a day is still better than no time at all. Start small and slowly start adding it to your daily routine. Make it a habit.

There are many reasons why you should teach your kids how to read but here are the two that I had in mind when I started teaching my son.

1. They can read books on their own.

I started reading to my son when he was born and I haven't stopped. But when he started reading on his own he became even more enthusiastic about reading before going to bed and wanted to choose books on his own. He loves when I praise him when he reads well and loves asking me to pronounce a word he's not familiar with. Then when I hear him use that word in a sentence when we talk a few days later, it just fills my heart with joy.

2. Reading boosts their imagination.

Every read book is an accomplishment.

This is something that is true for adults as well. When I finish reading a book I feel like I've accomplish something important, for my mind, my soul and for myself. It's a goal that I've reached and by reading the book you've chosen, you let yourself visit wonderful imaginary world that no one else can enter except you.

Our imagination takes us everywhere we want to go. Now imagine a 3 year old kid who doesn't know much about the real world but has a vivid imagination. Reading is an advantage and an ultimate joyous experience for them.

You can do anything you imagine. Think of what your child could do if you gave him the gift of reading. Start today.


Tee is excited about parents teaching their children to read and you can tell from this answer that she did it while still raising her child to love books and reading. Just because a parent does it early doesn't mean the child doesn't enjoy it.

Tee mentions praise. I believe that is invaluable because children love to be praised for things they do well. It makes them want to do more of it. What a great tool for ensuring your child loves to learn!

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