The Screenboard was designed in the spring of 1998 to help one child learn her sounds. This child had been struggling with all her sounds for many months but had finally learned all but “g.” We worked and worked using many different strategies.


Naturally, I had used a few tactile strategies including sandpaper and a sandbox. What prompted my search for another method was the messiness of the sandbox. We kept the sandbox behind my desk. First graders being first graders, it was often hit and sand was spilled. I had to come up with something else.
It just so happened that at that time, we were rescreening our porch at home. One day, as I was walking past the mess in our backyard, I noticed some screen laying on the ground. Because I had been thinking so much about a neater way to allow my student to practice the sounds of “g”, the screen came to me as the answer.


There was scrap wood laying around in the same area so I conceived the idea of attaching the screen to the wood and slipping a piece of paper with the letter “g” on it under the screen. I had my rough surface for my student to practice with. No more messes!


Order your screenboard and make your life easy with a simple kinesthetic strategy!  Just slide a piece of cardstock in the screenboard with the skill to be practice and off your student goes!


I'm not yet set up for online ordering so please take a screenshot of your cart and text me at 316-201-8587.  You can pay via PayPal to or Venmo to Mark-Boline1.

Screenboard for Kinesthetic Learning